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Voted "Top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch."


With over 25 years experience in the board room and three years experience on the US and UK stand up comedy circuits, Dan Gregory is a bullet proof keynote speaker.

His reputation for breathing life and light into business content has earned him the nickname, Mr Federal Express, "He just delivers. Absolutely. Positively."

In his professional career, there is scarcely a business category or industry sector Dan hasn't worked with. Whether he's working with the big end of town in Banking and Finance, with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners, Manufacturers, FMCG, Retailers or Professional Services, Dan delivers real life credibility and practical capability through Speeches and Programs that are engaging and inspiring.

His mantra is "Deal with what's Real" and his passion is the art and science of #Influence - a passion he brings to life through Keynote Speeches on #Leadership #Motivation & #SalesandMarketing:


Success on Purpose

How Strategy & Purpose beat Discipline & Motivation.

Typically, when we’re trying to influence a particular behavior in our team, in the market place or even in ourselves, we tend to lean pretty heavily on tools such as Discipline and Motivation.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these methods – in the short term, but the truth is, no one is disciplined in every part of their life and no one is motivated every minute of every day.

However, by designing our purpose, systems and processes strategically, we increase the chances of success not only being more likely, but virtually automatic.

And in a world where Gallup’s global workforce engagement study puts engagement at less than 50%, strategy must do a lot of the heavy lifting.

In this provocative and compelling presentation, Dan Gregory will reveal:

  • How leaders can make success more likely, and importantly, make failure more difficult
  • How managers can move teams from Vision to Values to Behaviors & Actions
  • How sales and marketing teams can be more persuasive and engaging by being more strategic
  • How individuals can achieve their personal goals by better understanding how strategy, environment and systems support outcomes

For more information about how to embed this information and develop capabilities in training, explore the Planning to Win Program.


How to Motivate Anyone (including you)

How to build Cultures of the Willing.

All of us view the world through certain filters, lenses or archetypes. These are often referred to as unconscious biases, prejudices or habitual behaviors, but in truth, they are more fundamental to who we are and how we are influenced and motivated.

These filters are informed and explained by personality archetypes. Rather than simply viewing these characteristics purely as strengths or weaknesses, it helps to see them as propensities that we can work with to drive engagement and understanding.

This is incredibly useful in understanding why we procrastinate in certain circumstances and not in others, why friction points develop between otherwise high-performing members of our teams and why customers and the community can often misunderstand the intentions behind our communication.

Ultimately, this is a presentation about developing our understanding of human drives because all motivation begins with self-awareness and all influence with insight.

In this fun and revealing presentation, Dan Gregory will share:

  • How leaders can can drive clearer communication and engagement with their teams
  • How managers can avoid friction developing in the workplace by understanding why disagreements originate
  • How sales and marketing teams can get a better read on their customers and what informs their decision making
  • How individuals can develop self-awareness through archetypes that amplify their strengths and work with their weaknesses

For more information about how to apply this information and develop capabilities in training, explore the Personality Archetypes Program.


Human Drive

What makes us buy. What makes us buy in.

All influence ultimately begins with an understanding of what drives human behavior. What is it that makes us follow a particular leader, buy in to a specific culture, purchase one seemingly identical product or service over another or adopt a new behavior or belief system?

These questions are critical to success in business and in life.

In fact, in an economy where consumers are more “promiscuous” in terms of who they do business with, where employees have more choices available to them in who they work for and how they spend their time and where the definition of "community" is shifting from demographics and geography to psychographics and values, this is  increasingly important conversation for all of us.

In order to stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing market we need to understand what drives our customers, which intrinsic drives push us to grow and succeed and what social and collective impulses drive our team, our organization and ultimately, our communities.

In this inspiring and thought-provoking presentation, Dan Gregory will reveal:

  • How leaders who show us who we can be are more likely to attract followers than those who simply tell us what to do
  • How managers can construct cultural identity through values alignment, shared language and collaborative experiences
  • How customers are more likely to buy what you say about them than what you do for them
  • How individuals can drive performance and personal change through understanding their own "ID:ology"

For more information about how to put this information into practice and develop capabilities in training, explore the Pitch Present & Persuade Program.

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"Signs of genius."


"Dan had the room engaged from the outset and took our team on a 90 minute journey, resulting in eyes and minds being opened to new opportunities. The feedback after the event was overwhelmingly positive - we wouldn’t hesitate in working with Dan again in the future."


"I have the opportunity to work with many speakers and presenters throughout the year, and I can say without bias that (Dan’s) presentation was the best I have seen in a very long time."


"An extraordinary ability to develop strategies that solve highly complicated and political problems."


“Dan has that unique ability of entertaining an audience with humour while giving them a wide range of strategies that can make a significant difference to their bottom line.”


“Dan Gregory appeared at our annual top tier dealer network conference as our keynote presenter. Dan was engaging, entertaining and informative and we were so impressed that we are preparing to work with him again this year for another area of our business.”


“It was a pleasure to deliver the  genius of Dan Gregory to our members at the  Real Estate IQ Conference. Dan’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with his brilliance, was incredibly well received by our audience with many following up on his presentation in months to come. I would personally recommend Dan’s services to any event manager who is looking to effectively engage, educate and inspire their delegates.”


“What a fantastic way to kick off the new year!  (We've been) flooded with phone calls and emails about Dan and what a wonderful speaker he was.”


“Rarely have I heard anybody articulate their thoughts with such clarity and vision. His intelligence and insight provides a much greater understanding of how to engage your customers, your team and the community. I would whole heartedly recommend Dan, you will never be disappointed.”


"I was laughing and learning... he's the Australian Ricky Gervais!"


"He more that lives up to his own advertising!"


"Our recent Business Partner Exchange event was a great success, largely in part due to Dan Gregory. Dan met our brief completely, with his presentation providing a strong and supportive storyline for our launch. We couldn’t have asked for more, and are looking forward to other opportunities to work with Dan in the future."

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